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Types of Texas Home Loan

August 21st, 2012 10:43 pm

When opting for a new home in Texas, there are various types of loans available to you to help with the purchase. Texas offers many different types of loans that prospective homebuyers can take advantage of in order to make their dreams of owning their own homes come true.

Whatever reasons you have for borrowing from a mortgage company, Texas home loans are the best – and sometimes even the easiest – way to get the money you need. Below are different types of home loans for you to single out the type of loan most suited to your needs.

Bad Credit Loan – This loan is specifically meant for individuals with bad credit. Bad credit means that you often make your payments late, or do not pay them at all, and/or that you are deep in debt. Only a few mortgage companies offer bad credit loans with affordable rates. But if your back’s against the wall, you may have no choice but to take your chances with such a loan, even if the interest rates are higher than you would like.

Fixed Rate Loan – If you wish for a simple home loan where the interest rate remains constant throughout the time period given to you (to repay the full amount you borrowed), what you’re looking for is a fixed rate loan.

Variable Rate Loans – Unlike a fixed rate loan, a variable rate loan’s interest rate is expected to increase in periodic intervals, depending on what you and your mortgage lender have agreed upon. This type of loan is also known as an ARM, or adjustable rate mortgage.

Second Mortgage – Let’s say your application for a home loan was approved. But the money you received has since run out and now, you’re still indebted. You’ll be pleased to know that you can actually take out another loan using your home as collateral.

Famous Ranch Lands Of Texas

July 6th, 2012 1:10 am

There are many ranch lands up for sale in the state. These lands are nature in its raw-untouched and untamed form- with forests, wild animals and landscapes, that seem from another era altogether! Panther Canyon ranch in Terrell County, Red River County Ranch and Terlingua Ranch are some of the best ranch lands found in Texas. The most prominent being Red River County Ranch and Terlingua Ranch. We have discussed the key features of these two ranches below.

The Red River County

The presence of beautiful ponds, creeks, lakes and exquisite landscape have made the Red River County a wonderful place in Texas. Connectivity of the ranch with neighboring cities like Texarkana and Paris, is excellent. Basic yet essential facilities like water, power and phone are available here.

Due to the presence of the river, the land around it is fertile and good for farming. Besides farming, people can also engage in raising livestock, as the Red River ranch has all basic amenities required for the same. You can also enjoy recreational activities like hiking, horse riding, camping etc. in this region of Texas.

The Terlingua Ranch

Located in the southwestern Brewster County, the Terlingua Ranch is also a coveted property among potential buyers. Desert, mountains, picturesque valleys make this land nothing short of a nature’s paradise.

Being close to the Big Bend National Park, Terlingua has turned into a tourist destination. Hiking, mountain biking, camping, river rafting at Rio Grande, etc. are some of the activities enjoyed by the visitors here.

During the International Chili Championship Cookoff, tourists from all across the globe visit this place. You can purchase a land in Terlingua and can either use it as a vacation rental or can later resell it. However, most people prefer to use this land for vacation rentals, keeping in mind its growing popularity as a tourist destination.

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